Hoodoos, Alberta

Definitely one of the most fascinating formations I’ve come across till date, the Hoodoos have a number of interesting descriptions – tent rocks, totem pole rocks, fairy chimneys, earth pyramids and my favorite – demoiselles coiffées  which translates – ladies with hairdos!

Writing-On-Stone, a sacred landscape of the First Nations is a series of petroglyphs (rock carvings) and pictographs (rock carvings). You can’t help but feel a sense of calmness and awe, as you sit and contemplate life on one of these amazing rocks.

Commonly found carvings include – round bodied figures with large shields, square bodied and hourglass shaped bodies; animals – deer, elk, sheep, skunks, bears, antelope, dogs, snakes and bison.

Historically the tribe elders could also use these rock carvings to find their fortune and discover their future, as many in the Blackfoot Tribe believe that spirits made the rock carvings. This was their way of communicating with the sprit world in search of divine guidance. (How fascinating!)

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Next week’s post: Banff National Park 😀






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