7 Hilarious Misconceptions About Odiyas

Being an Odiya, living in Gurgaon brings some very interesting perspectives to the table. To say the very least, I have actually been asked these questions and I’m constantly amused at what people think of us as a subculture. At the end of the day, it always makes for a good story.

Q1. But you’re so fair, how can you be from Odisha?

What exactly are we supposed to look like? Us Odiya folks are predominantly dusky, I know, but there’s variety everywhere people.

Q2. Do you speak Odissi at home?

Yes I speak in Odissi at home and Kathakali at work. Odissi is a dance form guys. The language is Odiya.

Q3. (When someone overhears you talking on the phone) Are you speaking in Assamese?

Just because it sounds like Assamese, doesn’t mean it is. As a language Odiya sounds similar to Bengali, Assamese, Nepali and Gujarati.

Q4. What sort of a surname is Pati?

“Hi Ria Pati, where’s you’re Patni hahahahah” Seriously? (no doubt its funny :P)

Q5. Check it out, I can speak some Oriya, “Khabo jabo peebo!”

Make it stop. Its Kaibaw, Peebaw, Jibaw. We’re quiet different from Bongs. We’re all Aw’s they’re all O’s.

Q6. Oh so you’re South Indian?

Yes and you need Geography 101.

Q7. Isn’t Odisha a backward state?

Its almost like meeting an Indian and saying “Oh so you’re from a third world country!”